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This model proposes 2 possible mechanisms for the phenomenon that is called gravity.


Possible Mechanism 1

Gravity is an effect created by bridging fotons. The force connecting each pair of fotinis, collectively acts to connect separate matinos and cause them to orbit each other.

In this mechanism, the energy required for accelerating the matino to cause orbital motion is provided by the foton bridge. This model has not yet explored the source of this energy. It is potentially at odds with the conservation of energy.


Possible Mechanism 2

Gravity is an effect created by the absorption and emission of fotons - not a distinct fundamental force.

Each time a foton is emitted, a fraction of its energy contributes to changing the path of the matino (or body of matinos) so that it maintains its orbit around the other matino (or body of matinos).

Between emissions, matinos or their host bodies, travel in a straight line. The cumulative effect of emissions is orbital motion. In bodies with large numbers of matinos, each section of straight line motion is immeasurably small.

This mechanism provides a mechanical source for the energy required for rotational motion. Yet it also does not explore the source of energy of the foton.



Both mechanisms lead to the same issue with the conservation of energy. My preference is to choose the simpler. However, it is observation and evidence that will make the final choice. Not convenience.