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Life and Consciousness

Life is a symbiotic combination of atomic and spirit beings. One is not possible withuot the other at such a developed level. All living beings have spirits.

The mind is a combination of the consciousness of the body and the spirit.

Consciousness is a result of the interconnectedness of all things, made possible by the gravitational bond inside all fotons. Consciousness comes more from the spirit than from the atomic body. This is because spirit beings have a greater variety and complexity of internal foton bridges. Although the spirit and body are attached to each other, when a body dies, the spirits it hosts can move on to be hosted by other bodies.

When the body dies, the spirit survives.

They are separate entities, bound together by bridging fotons.

Although our spirit being(s) - spirit, soul - can survive the death of our atomic body, it is not true that our spirit can survive indefinitely. Everything comes to an end. "Immortal" just means to survive the body. A spirit can 'die' by creating too many attachments. In this case those gravitational fotonic attachments will physically pull the spirit being apart, creating 2 or more smaller spirits.

Spirits grow and develop over many hostings. New spirits may start in non-living things. Gradually a spirit is hosted by more complex beings, larger and more complex life-forms. The larger a spirit, the more complex atomic being it can occupy. Humans host relatively large spirits. Each host allows the spirit to increase its physical mass by making attachments.

Spirits carry attachments from one host to another, and influence the way they live.


Attachments are made randomly - fotons of a suitable size can be absorbed to create foton bridges between separate things.

Consciousness can influence the creation and release of attachments.

Living beings are able to bring to them what they require for life, and avoid what they dont want. They do this by forming and keeping fotonic attachments to desirable things they encounter. In this way they increase the gravitational bond - increasing the likelihood that it returns, or stays. It is through emotion that bridging fotons are absorbed or emitted. Positive emotions are associated with making attachments, negative ones are associated with releasing them.

The mechanism of love, luck and karma is gravity

The "law of attraction"

The law of attraction states that you will bring to you whatever you think about, or imagine. This implies your minds eye can cause fotons to be absorbed and held. If you can choose what you think about, you can choose what you get. However, the thoughts of your unconscious mind also attract things. It follows that whatever you have in your life tells you what you have really been thinking about in the past. This understanding is the basis of consciously choosing which attachments to keep and which to release.

Over many lifetimes, many attachments are made. Like a web of threads, they can bring to us what we want, and what we no longer desire.


The atomic body and spirit soul require different things.

The body wants to be comfortable, and achieves this by making attachments to material things. Its awareness is of a single lifetime, death and suffering.

The soul wants to grow and participate in the universe, and achieves this by releasing attachments. Its awareness is of the interconnectedness of all things, of not being concerned by physical suffering or death. Spirits carry awareness of themselves and the nature of the universe. A spirit gives the human mind the ability to be aware of its spirit self.

The interests of the body and soul are opposites - a 'conflict of interest' for the mind, lasting from birth to death.

If a mind decides to cultivate the immortal spirit rather than make the body comfortable, this person begins the process of cultivating enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the process of releasing attachments to material things. These attachments are simply fotonic bridges between our spirits and other things. A person (atomic body plus spirits) can choose to reduce the number of these attachments.

Although it is a purely physical process, the experience for a person is very emotional and spiritual. Because every person has a different collection of attachments, the process and experience of becoming enlightened is different for everyone.